Earnings at risk-how to fix ads.txt file- Google Adsense

If you have Google AdSense Account, you will see this notification on your Google AdSense account earnings at risk- You need to fix some ads.txt file. to protect your earnings and improve the performance of your Google AdSense account, it is best to fix this as soon as possible without ignoring this AdSense requirement.

Earnings at risk Google Adsense

So today we will show you an easy way to fix it and if you read our post in full you will easily solve this problem. Let us know how to handle this notification in accordance with Google AdSense terms. 

How to fix earnings at risk?

Log in to your Google AdSense account where you see this notification (Earnings at risk) with Fix-It is written. Click on this Fix It. You will see the area as seen in the picture.

You will see this below then there is a download written there. If you click on it then this file will be downloaded. Also, check out the accompanying image.

Earnings at risk Google Adsense

Now after downloading and opening it, you will see a code with your Google AdSense publisher account ID written in it. Be sure to check your publisher ID carefully.

If the publisher ID is not written in the code. enter your Google AdSense Account publisher ID as below in the image where the hashes have appeared. (google.com, pub-your publisher id, DIRECT, f08………….)

Earnings at risk google AdSense

Be sure to enter the publisher ID in the same case if the publisher ID has not appeared there, otherwise, there is no need to add anything.

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How to upload earnings at risk Google Adsense ads.txt file to the domain root?

Now you need to login to your Hosting Cpanel. Log in to Cpanel. You will see the file manager there. Click on it. For your convenience, we are showing you the image.

Clicking on the File Manager will open a new panel in front of you with Public_html written on the left. Now you click on Public_html. When you click, you will see an upward you click on upload.

As soon as you click upload, you will see a new area where the upload file will be written as shown in the picture.

Click on this select file and upload the file that you downloaded from Google AdSense here. Now go back to the Public_html area, scroll up and down in the list on the right side of the same panel and you will see a box with ads.txt.

earnings at risk google adsense

Now you’re done. Come back to your site, open the site and at the top where your site’s URL is in the browser, type there (your site url/ads.txt) and click search. You will see the same code that you downloaded from your Google AdSense account. As shown in the picture below. If you see a code like this, you will understand that your problem (Earnings at risk) has been solved. Now Google will fix this problem in a few days.

How to fix the issue (Earnings at risk) with the WordPress plugin

If you are using WordPress and you are having some difficulty with the above method, you can also fix this issue with the plugin. In the Plugin area of ​​your WordPress site, click Add New. Search for the (ads.txt Manager) plugin there and download and activate the plugin. Now go to Settings open the ads.txt plugin (copy the ads.txt that you downloaded from Google Adsense ) and paste there. To verify that the code was pasted, search the browser again in the manner described above. If you see the same code, your problem (Earnings at risk) is permanently resolved.

important instructions:

In this post, we have shown you two different ways. Now you have to be careful not to use both methods at the same time, use only one of the two methods that you find easy to use.

You do not need to do anything more after fixing because Google AdSense has corrected itself that it will take a few days for the code to be fixed so you don’t have to do anything more. Yes, if within 2/3 weeks you notice that the notification has not been removed from your Google AdSense account, you can comment on any of our posts or email us ([email protected]) and we will explain the next method to you.

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