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Search engines announced that there is no direct SEO affects from the site title and meta description, they do not use it in their ranking algorithm. But there is an indirect benefit:

site title and meta description

Google uses clickthrough rate (CTR) as a way to determine if you have a good result. If more and more people click through to your results, Google considers you a good result and will rank you based on your position. That’s why it’s important to improve the definition of your meta, as much as improving your titles.

Would a longer site title and meta description be better for SE?

Keep in mind that long titles can work better for social engagement in some cases, and some titles are naturally longer. It’s good to be mindful of how your titles appear in search results, but there’s no charge for using long titles. Use your judgment, and think kind of an inquiry visitor.

It would be nice to see a character counter with a meta distribution box. Currently, we see that the site title meta description is longer than 156 characters. But it doesn’t tell us how many we have to eliminate. So I’ve been copying the contents to another editor, counting the letters, then copying to the East. If you have a strong, well-known brand, then adding it to your headlines can help increase the clickthrough rate.

site title and meta description

We usually recommend placing your brand at the end of the title, but there are issues (such as your homepage or almost the same page) where you want to focus more on the brand. As mentioned earlier, Google may automatically add your brand to your display titles, so keep in mind how your search results appear at the moment.

What should be the length of the site title and meta description?

This test determines if your site title and meta description are just too short Site title (less than 60), and meta description (less than 120 characters) or too long (more than 156 characters). When your site title and meta description have the correct length, you will get a green line. If it’s too long, or too short, you’ll find the red line in Tags Analyzer. (Analyze your tags below)

>> Meta Tags Analyzer <<

Look, Bing got it right! Google, on the other hand, has taken small liberties here and reversed “Peril” at the beginning of the title in search results. Well, a minimum of Google got the meta description right.

If you see that the search results show modified titles on your pages, check to see if there is a problem with any of the titles mentioned above. If not, consider an alternative to the title question. Better fit? If you still think the original title would be better, let us know in your Google Search Central Help Forum.


Generate your site title and meta description use a free tool

Generate your site title and met description by using the meta tag generator tool and paste the generated meta tag in the header section. we listed both methods below you can paste the meta tag by following these methods.

>> Meta tags Generator <<

First generate the meta tag, than copy the generator code.

Method (1) Go to your WordPress dashboard>> appearance >> theme editor >>header.php, then paste the code in after <head> section, as you see in image.

site title and meta description

If you cannot use method (1) so you can use the method (2) listed below

Method (2) Go to WordPress dashboard >> plugin >> add new and install the plugin >> Head, Footer, and Post Injection << after installed the plugin go to settings, click and open the plugin, and paste the meta tag code in the head section, as mentioned below in the image.

site title and meta description

Some important things you should keep in mind

Do not use quotation numbers. Since SEO includes site title and meta descriptions in HTML, you should be careful not to use characters that break the HTML language. One of the characters that usually causes trouble is a double quotation mark. Double quotation marks (“quote”) can cause difficulty in explaining meta, so avoid using them. If you must use a quote, use a quotation mark (‘quote’) instead.

Improve for other rich pieces when you can. If other schema markups relate to the content on your page, add structured data to your page to improve the format of your search engine results lists. This is useful if your page includes reviews, recipes, products, program information, and videos.

The site title and Meta distribution tags serve as advertising copy. It attracts readers to any SERP website and is a very visible and important part of search marketing. Creating a readable, descriptive description using keywords can improve the clickthrough rate for a given web page.

To maximize the total-three rate on search engine results pages, it’s important to note that when Google and other search engines match search queries, there are bold keywords in the description. It can attract the attention of bold text seekers, so you should find your description as close as possible to match the search for words.

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