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how to drive traffice to your blog

Traffic To Your Blog, Are you frustrated with low blog traffic? No worries once you begin to understand these simple truths, you will not be intimidated by a blog with a lot of traffic. Instead, you will equip yourself with information on how to capture this traffic.

  • Only 2 types of blog traffic

there are only two types of blog traffic:

Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic

The biggest source of organic traffic is search traffic. organic traffic is the traffic you get naturally. When you get traffic, when someone writes a query or keyword in Google, the results of your blog post appear, and they click on it. However, organic traffic is referral traffic (when someone clicks on a link from another website on your blog), or direct traffic (when someone types your URL directly into their browser.

Paid traffic is the traffic that you “force” with ads.

Traffic To Your Blog

One of our favorite types is the Facebook ad.  But paid traffic can include Google AdWords, banner ads, Twitter ads. Since there are two types of traffic, you never have the real meaning of traffic. That is, you can always pay for traffic whenever you need it, especially in the beginning.

However, organic traffic is an important part of any long-term content marketing strategy, so don’t overlook it (you’ll see why later in this article).
Just 2 things you need to rank # 1 in Google
Paid traffic is clearly the surest way to get traffic no matter what.

But how easy is it to get organic traffic?

Organic search traffic is not as complex as you might think.
To increase the number of competitors on Google’s Page 1, you need to show Google 2 things.

  • That your content is excellent.
  • That your content is most relevant.

It’s that simple. Improve your content to show that your content is the best!  Keep your competitors away from better articles, and prove that it is best to ask your content to be shared with other blogs. To show that your content is most relevant, refine your posts for relevant keywords. Well, now you know the 2 types of traffic and the 2 things you need to get organic traffic. 

So, how do you integrate these different sources of traffic to increase your blog traffic, today and for years to come?

Let’s take a look at case studies starting with how to drive traffic here in Optinmonster. Case Study: How We Prepared to Visit the OptinMonster Blog 600kg + Monthly. The blog traffic strategy we’re going to share with you is simple. But despite the simplicity, most bloggers don’t think about increasing their traffic this way. This step strategy has developed the Optimister blog very quickly. Ready to hear how we did it?  Here’s our definitive, step blog traffic process

Stick to the pillar articles.

In our writing, instead of writing a group of different blog posts about the same column, we focus on writing a column article that covers everything. For example, one of our column articles in OptinMonster has 30 content upgrade ideas to add to your email list.

Blog Trophy

As you can see, this post is good for numerous searches related to content upgrades, as we focus on creating the best possible article on the topic, so users can create multiple articles on content upgrades instead.  Find everything that makes it difficult for users to find.  All the information they need.

Refresh old content

Because our column articles are useful to readers and attract a lot of traffic, we ensure they are constantly updated. Google likes fresh and new articles.  But instead of writing a brand new post, we simply write and refresh this old column, making it always easier for users to find the most helpful content. In fact, we did just that with our content upgrade post last week.

  • Blog TrophyHow we want to refresh old content:
  • Improve content
  • Add more content
  • Add more photos/screenshots
  • Remove any information related to the dateAdd more updates 
  • Add LSI keywords. 

These are the keywords that relate to our main keywords. To add LSI keywords to your post, simply type in your keyword in Google, and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Blog Trophy

Once we have written the latest version of the older blog post, we will manually update the old post and move the publication date forward. That way, we don’t lose track of our social share from the old version – and the associated speed.

Plus link content

When you link to your posts, Google has the most importance in indexing and understanding your content. Cross-linking literally means that your new blog posts include links to old blog posts. We focus a lot on adding as many links as possible to our column content, so it makes it easier for search engines to time. Also, unlike backlinks, crosslinking is completely under your control.  It is the least hanging fruit. Well, now that you have your crosslinks, it’s time to move on to backlinks;

Create backlinks

Backlinks (links to other websites pointing to your site) are a very important ranking factor in SEO in Google. This is because when you determine the importance of your article, Google looks at how many backlinks you have (and how authentic those backlinks are).
Getting backlinks is harder than crosslinks (obviously)

Here’s how it works

Find out about your brand first.  You can set up alerts with Google (there is a tutorial in this post), or you can use BuzzSomo to monitor all the reminders of your brand. Those that have no link will be highlighted. Next, email the authors of the posts and thank them for mentioning them. Then ask them if they don’t mind linking to your site.

In the experiment, most authors say “yes”; after all, they were the ones who mentioned us in the first place!¬†Turns out, a lot of people will mention you without even thinking about adding a link, and they’re usually happy to be obligated. Affiliate sites (Best Affiliates Sites) also play an important role in driving traffic to your website because it is often observed that the sites that are connected with the affiliate program have a lot of traffic.¬† In addition, the role of good web hosting sites (Best Web Hosting Sites) is also important, so you should choose a good web hosting site before blogging, it also makes it easier for you to get Google AdSense approval.

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