Increase Blog Traffic- How Easy to Get More Visitor to Website

Increase blog traffic. In this post, we will introduce clear and easy ways how to get more visitors to the website. But before that, let me tell you a few useful things that a lot of people don’t explain. How easy to increase more visitor traffic for your website?

What is the right platform to create a blog?

Increase Traffic Of website

Today I will tell you the truth that no one wants to tell you. Which platform is best for blogging, especially for new bloggers? So my answer would be, why that?

Because as far as I know, is a very easy and free platform where a new blogger can create his own blog at no cost and make it a success because is hosted by Google for free.

Choose the bset platform for blogging

You can create your blog for free on any other platform like is also a very popular site for bloggers, But if you want to use a free blog on this site you will have to face many difficulties. Because in order to work on these sites, you will need a hosting company for your blog that will provide you with timely help in securing and running your website or blog.

Why is hosting necessary for a blog or website? Increase Blog Traffic

No, website or blog can be successful without hosting. Because when you create your blog or website, obviously you need the traffic to it. If you want more visitors to your website, so this is not possible without a hosting company. how does? Because without hosting, your site is like mobile without internet or SIM card, now you can understand.

Why Web hosting Is Necessary For example if you have a mobile phone but it does not have a SIM card or internet, Then you will use the mobile phone and you will make some videos or pictures on it, But you will not be limited in it and you will not have these pictures and videos will be able to send someone.

Which web hosting sites are reasonable?

One thing to keep in mind is never rush to choose web hosting for your website or blog. Because it can be a tough test for you and if you fail to choose a good web hosting site you will have to quit blogging or waste more money.

The best web hosting sites for new bloggers

  • There are a few key points to keep in mind when choosing any web hosting.

Customer support service

What is web hosting customer support service and how important is it? If you encounter any problems while blogging, such as your post not appearing after it is published, or your site is experiencing some kind of error, your blog can’t be updated. The solution you need is web hosting help and for that, you have to contact your web host now if you have chosen a host you don’t know about and you only have the option to chat online If so, you will get nothing but heartbreak.

So before choosing any web hosting, choose any good localhost,

(so you can also read our post which describes the details of good and standard web hosting sites)

What is a web hosting security plan and why is it necessary?

The security of your blog or website is an important component that plays a very important role for your site so whenever you take web hosting, you must see the security plan meaning SSL certificate which is in your host server, client area of ​​your domain. It is listed below and if you see any security risk message or when you open your site on the browser does not see a lock mark with your URL, you should contact your web hosting server immediately.

How to Increase Blog Traffic?

Get more visitors to your website or blog. This is very important for the success of your website and your earnings. The easiest way to do this is to write a unique and engaging post on your blog and choose some good topics, that include answers to questions that people want to know about in everyday life. It is important to use good and meaningful words to increase your website traffic. (Also read how to rank your website on google)

The benefits of creating a blog on WordPress

Traffic Of website SEO

If you want to build a blog to earn money, if you need website traffic WordPress plays a very important role, Because in WordPress you have a lot of free plugins to promote your blog or website. And there are themes that you can use to make your blog unique and attractive.

Increase blog traffic by using Google tools

First, you need to set up your website or blog. You need to link your blog to Google’s Site Kit. WordPress has a plugin called Google Site Kit which you can install to create your blog.

Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Webmaster, Google Search Console.

Linking to Google will only drive traffic to your website because unless your site is linked to Google and if your post is non indexed in Google Webmaster people will not be able to find your post in Google search. In order to increase the traffic of your blog, This is very important that your website is connected with Google’s site kit.

How to earn money from a blog?

When it comes to making money from blogs, As you know, making money from blogs is only possible when visitors come to your website and you can’t make money just by visitors. Unless your blog or website is approved in Google AdSense.

How do I get Google AdSense approval?

After creating a blog, you have to write and publish unique and quality posts in it, which should be at least 20 to 30 posts, and each post should use at least 600 to 900 words or more. Will be beneficial to keep in mind that no post should be copied from anyone else’s post because it is a crime. Plagiarism does not get the approval of Google AdSense but Google will permanently blacklist you.

So write any post on any topic by yourself and write articles on good topics. This will allow you to get Google AdSense, Approval quickly and in that case, increase your revenue, and improve the value of your blog.

How do bloggers make money with Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the best and most lucrative ways for bloggers in the world to advertise their ads on your website and Google pays you for those clicks when visitors visit your site and click or open these ads.

How long does it take to get Google AdSense approval?

If you go to Google search and find the answer to this question, you will find many different answers. Like someone wrote in 3 months Someone wrote Google AdSense approval you get in 6 months.

But from my experience, you can get Google AdSense approval in a week, two weeks, or even a month. No timeframe was created because I received Google AdSense approval within three weeks. Yes, Google AdSense approval is currently delayed due to the Covid-19, Because of this pandemic situation, Your Google AdSense Approval may be delayed.

Is there a Google AdSense Approval Fee?

The answer is definitely No, Google does not charge you any fees for applying to any web service or Google AdSense account. Most Google services are free of cost.

An easy way to increase website traffic

The best way to increase your blog traffic, post at least twice a day or weekly, and write basic and essential topics. This is also important to keep updating the old post. One thing to keep in mind is that your new blog will take as much time as possible to increase traffic. It can take anywhere from six months to a year, so keep posting with hard work and dedication.

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