Your Website Speed Is The Most Important Factor in 2021

Website Speed

your website speed is now a very important component. If your website’s loading speed is not up to Google’s standards, you will not be able to rank in Google search and your website will go to the trash. why? Google has now announced that it will now be able to rank the same website that has the highest speed on mobiles. In this post, we will talk about some important topics regarding website speed that you can understand to better improve your website.

Analyze your website speed: PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers

Paint with the largest content refers to the load time of your page. Measuring load time has been a difficult metric. Instead of measuring the load time of your entire webpage, LCP refers to the load time of the largest icon or text block on that page.  To get a good ranking from Google, this large part has to be fully loaded within 2.5 seconds. With inconsistent loading, files can be loaded simultaneously. If a file takes a while to load, other elements of your page can still be loaded without delay.

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Best responsive and lite weight WordPress themes:

Like Generate Press and Ocean WP, there is a free and premium version available.  If you look at the WordPress repository, the free version currently has over 500,000 active installs, 1.7+ million downloads, and another impressive 5 out of 5-star ratings (over 2,600 people rated it 5- Stars).

If you are not getting a lot of comments on your site and you do not think they are putting any value, it is better to disable the comments completely.

Disable comments:

Remember, comments can affect your SEO because Google will usually crawl this page as additional content, so you should only approve high-quality comments. 

Here are three easy ways to disable comments:

Consta automatically adds the above header to all server requests, and if you’re using a CDN, CDN definition (Content Delivery Network) is a highly distributed server platform that helps reduce the delay in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. they’ll probably add that header for you as well. Just like the other cache headers we discussed above, you cannot manually set this header to external resources.

Another popular off-loading solution is Google Cloud Storage.  Because Consta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform, we are big fans of their technology and infrastructure.  Because of Google’s large infrastructure and the fact that they handle large amounts of storage, they can offer very low storage costs.

The slow plugin will affect WordPress website speed:

When the WordPress plugin is slowing down overall, the symptoms will vary depending on the activity of the plugin. However, in many cases, you will find that a slow plugin will affect every page of the WordPress site. there is an overall slowdown on every front page of the site.

The location you choose during website speed testing makes little difference. As we discussed in the first section, this is because it all depends on the location of the data center you choose. TTFB,(Time to first byte) network delays, all come into play. So try your site from a location that is close to and far from your data center.  It will also help you see how CDN can affect your WordPress site

Shared hosting is playing a major role in website speed:

Best website hosting providers

Don’t choose any infamous 3rd-grade hosting plan. Users of this type of hosting will experience a slowdown at some point, just in time. Why? Because shared hosts clog their servers, this can affect the performance of your site.

Site suspensions or seeing 500 recurring errors are common things you will experience because they have to limit everything and consolidate resources in order to survive. Or worse, website downtime. Even if you don’t know it, your WordPress sits on the same server as 300+ other people. Any issues that pop up with other sites can go to your site.

Choose the best hosting plan for your website

Don’t use unnecessary plugin in your website:

Stay away from optimization, social sharing, and poor code plugins just use the necessary 5 to 6 plugins on your website. We also recommend that you stay away from plugins that add a view post counter to your site unless you absolutely need it. For example, avoid things like “forum posts” next to the user’s avatar in forum posts or “2433 views” when listing forum posts. When you have a long discussion, these counters will be of great benefit to your database.  In general, use counters sparingly and only use them if necessary.

Cron Jobs (WP-Cron) is used to schedule recurring tasks for your WordPress site.  However, over time, these can get out of hand and cause performance problems.  You can use the free WP Control plugin to check and manage all cron jobs on your site.

Site Usage:

Indirect ranking by reducing time on a site that is difficult to use or visit, by reducing the time spent on the site, page views, and bounce rate(in other words, rank brain ranking factors). It May damage the layout.

Google recently launched WebVitals, a collection of metrics specifically used to measure the user experience, and announced plans to update its algorithm with Core WebVitals in 2021. It will be included in the group of metrics that will be part of the page experience. 

This new subset of user-oriented metrics will be incorporated into existing measurements to measure key aspects of the page experience, including speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. Updating Google’s new page experience will also remove AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) needed.  AMP is a web component framework that facilitates website creation.

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